Aerial Photography & Videography Services, Malaysia


Aerial filming in Malaysia is going through a transformative process at the moment.  In the past 5 years with the advances in digital image capture technology and development of multi-rotor filming platforms into mainstream usage.  Aeriel filming is accessable to everybody and Aerial Photo Malaysia would like to be piloting that camera in the sky for you!


Event Aerial Photography & Videography

Be it a marathon event with 10's of thousands of people or a company outting with 50-60 people. Imaging how dramatic aerial footage will transform a mundane event into a bigger than life dramatic experience? Let Aerial Photo Malaysia be your event partner!


Aerial Property & Real Estate Promotional Footage

Being able to showcase property from 100's of meters in the sky, highlighting the elegance of the neighbourhood, the convenience of the local facilities and the beauty and greenery of the surroundings.  There is no equal to capturing some aerial photography highlights of the property to stand out from the other listings.


Wedding & Bridal Aerial Videography

Aerial Videography transforms an amateur video into a truly cinematic experience.  It does not cost much but the addition of being able to take aerial moving camera images use to be only accessible in the realms of hollywood.  Now with a modest budget and some planning your once in a lifetime event will become truly epic! With our experience in conventional wedding video coverage at Aerial Photo Malaysia we'll be able to produce a cinematic experience of one of the most important day of your lives.


Aerial Inspections

Affordable, safe & low risk aerial inspections, offering detailed inspection reports containing high resolution stilsl and video imagery for close visual inspections for construction site, roof tops & factories


Aerial Gimmick

Aerial gimmick or Drone gimmick for dramatic event launches. e.g. utilizing the drone with branding panels to carry a laser pointer to a launch pad on stage to be use to start a launch sequence.  


Aerial Live Feed

Aerial high-definition video streaming facilities. We can bring you a live, fully controllable, aerial feed transmitting at a resolution of 1080p. The feed is wireless and can be brought to any point within a 1km radius for immediate display on screens, big or small, or for direct transmission live to the Internet, or simply to record for later use.


This flexibility gives unprecedented views and coverage of an event. Allowing angles and action to be captured and shown live previously only possible by using a helicopter!


As of 2015 DJI has grown into a billion dollar company and Aerial filiming in Malaysia it has transitioned from a niche obscure hobby specialization into a mainstream commercial endeavor.  There is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd by using Aerial footage for you projects and really get noticed.   As photographers & videographers we are able to bring out the best footage from utilising aerial perspectives.